Most of us can probably say that we wore white shirts for a family photo session at least once in our lives. Of course, it’s an easy way to match. Nearly everyone has a white shirt and a pair of khakis or blue jeans on hand.  While that can easily become the go-to for your photo session, we thought we’d share some other options that work well. 

The idea of looking simple and casual while matching doesn’t have to be painstaking. In fact, it shouldn’t be. A family portrait should be a reflection of each person’s personality as it connects to the family as a unit. In other words, every person can maintain a certain degree of individuality while also relating to the overall “theme”. Here are some key suggestions to make your photos look easily coordinated.

Focus on a palette, not one particular color. Choose one simple base color and several others to complement it. Each person can choose to incorporate one or more hues into their wardrobe. This way, your family photo isn’t overpowered by one color, and you’re not worried about finding everyone a shirt in the same exact shade. Wear small, subtle patterns such as plaid or florals to highlight complementary colors. Sometimes, the easiest way to find your palette is to focus on one person’s outfit – probably Mom’s, since she’ll likely have more patterns on her clothes – and build from there.

Leave out the logos. That includes graphic tees and large, distracting patterns. You want to create a sense of timelessness. There are certain clothes that won’t ever go out of style: basic t-shirts, button-ups or polos, flannel, denim, etc. Try to center your wardrobe on these types of items. You can always accessorize with additional items such as belts, scarves, sweaters, or jackets to add texture and depth.

Wear something semi-casual and comfortable. Discomfort shows up in photos. Pure7 strives to create a very natural, relaxed environment for this very reason. You probably have one outfit that you wear more than anything else. What makes it your favorite? It’s comfortable and it’s flattering. When you’re picking out items for a photo session, don’t dig in the back of the closet. Choose clothing that you’re familiar with, that fits you well, and that you enjoy wearing. Of course, that doesn’t mean your holey t-shirt and the sweatpants with the worn-out elastic. Pick out something that’s modest and classic.

Put some thought into your shoes. Don’t forget your feet! Shoes are easy to overlook, but they can become an eyesore in your photos if you don’t select them carefully. As a general rule of thumb, leave your tennis shoes at home. Stick to something practical, yet attractive. A good dress or semi-casual shoe works well for men. For women, sandals, boots, or a classic ballet flat are always solid choices. Generally, you want to steer away from high heels or any other shoe that would cause a lot of discomfort. You want to be able to move freely without worrying about what’s on your feet. If the location is suitable, going barefoot is another consideration.

Pure7 strives to remove the stress and make you look your best as we preserve your family’s legacy. We believe the best memories – and the best photos – are made when you feel at ease. Schedule a session with us, and we’ll use our expertise to help you plan this special moment.