Marcella + Peter | Pensacola Wedding Videographer

Alan packed up his gear and headed to the Pensacola Country Club to film the sweet wedding of Marcella and Peter earlier this year.  Working alongside the talented Sara Gillianne Weddings & Events was awesome, and it was great to be able to connect with so many other amazing Pensacola wedding professionals.

Marcella and Peter’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect: from the weather to the happy people to the love between this awesome couple.  They were really sweet and a joy to work with, even taking the time to personally greet all of their guests during their reception.

We’re excited to share Alan’s talents as a Pensacola wedding videographer, and the video highlight reel from Marcella and Peter’s wedding. We can’t wait to share the full feature soon!

Ceremony & Reception: Pensacola Country Club

Wedding Planner: Sara Gillianne Weddings & Events

Photographer: Barrett McClean Photography

Pastry Chef: Betty Weber Cakes

Florals: Supposey 

Entertainment: Any Day DJ 

Kramer Family Coalesce + Portrait Session | Destin Videographers

We’ve known Deanna & Kevin for several years now, as we had the honor of photographing their Emerald Grande wedding in 2010 as part of VIE Magazine’s “Legendary Wedding Giveaway”.  We absolutely adore their sweet family, and are excited to introduce their family’s newest addition, baby Brosnan!  During their family portraits, which Ryan captured entirely on film, Alan created one of his signature ‘Coalesce Sessions’, which incorporates a fusion of digital photography and videography into one amazing feature.  We’re excited to share this gorgeous family with you!  And if this leaves you dying to to see more of Alan’s awesome talent, go check him out on Vimeo!


Rosemary Beach Commercial Video | Pure 7 Films

Alan was recently asked  to film a commercial video for Patchouli’s, which is a great little spot to pick up bath and body/spa-type gifts in Rosemary Beach.  The goals of this promotional video were to capture activity within the store, highlight the retail space itself, and feature the popular Bumble & Bumble product line carried by Patchouli’s.

Alan spent about a half a day filming women having their hair styled by the young men brought in representing Bumble & Bumble.  He highlighted their interactions and product questions, as well as sales after the appointments.  Alan even learned a few things about hair, and is now privy to terms like “blow-out” and “beach-y waves” . . . but we’re pretty sure he’ll stick to filming wedding and commercial video.

The retail space and customer activity throughout the store were captured beautifully!  This video truly highlights the layout and feel of the space, as well as the types of products carried by Patchouli’s.  Alan’s commercial video production abilities are glaringly evident, and we’re excited to share his talent in upcoming Pure 7 Films videos!

Bumble & Bumble (Patchouli’s Apothecary) from Pure7 Films on Vimeo.

Introducing . . . Pure7 Films: Videography the Pure7 Way!

Friends, dear readers, loyal followers of Pure7 Studios, and everyone in-between: Our studio is thrilled and busting at the seams with excitement with today’s HUGE and AWESOME announcement!  What we’re about to share with you has been such a labor of love and true blessing in and of itself.  The months spent planning, nourishing, and prepping for its arrival makes today’s news all the more exciting to share.  So, without further ado, we are proud to announce that . . .  kids with Film and Videography degrees can still get jobs!

Everyone, meet Alan LeBlanc, the filmmaker behind our newly birthed brother company – Pure7 Films!  To give you a little – ok, a lot – of background on how this came to be, we must start with the very beginning . . .

We met Alan in December of last year at Townsend Catering‘s annual Christmas party while he was home on break from his final year at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).  As a mutual friend of a prior Pure7 intern, Alan had looked forward to meeting Ryan.  Alan was nearing the completion of his degree in Film & New Media, and chatted with Ryan about the local industry and applying his degree toward a career in film.  Ryan asked Alan to send him samples of his college film projects.  And so he did.  You can imagine our surprise when we discovered the level of talent appearing right before our eyes as we viewed his portfolio: “This kid is going to do big things!”, we said.  At a mere 21-years old, Alan’s artistic and cinematic style as a filmmaker blew us away!

For several years, Ryan had been seeking a videographer of similar style to capture a behind-the-scenes documentary about Pure7 Studios; Alan completely fit the bill and agreed to take on the project.  He began filming this past March, and over the next few months, Alan continued to film Ryan and Lindsey on several different client sessions, as well as in-studio purchasing and sales sessions.  He also put his talents to work filming some personal family time with Ryan & Erica and the kids.  Alan’s skill and quality of work was impressive, and we were equally as stunned with his professionalism, humility, and how easy he was to work with.  Alan continued to remain in touch, and after graduating with his film degree, continued to pop into the studio from time to time.

Anyone in “the industry” knows that weddings are an entirely different animal in terms of truly capturing the emotion and details in photos and on film.  Alan’s prior focus was on independent and commercial film work; weddings weren’t really on the radar at that point.  Insert one of Pure7’s lovely videographer-less brides. She was eager and willing to let Alan test out the “wedding cinematography waters”, putting his impressive skills and film degree to work.  Let’s just suffice it to say that we think he was bitten by the wedding bug that day, as his ‘Ceremony & Reception Highlights’ reel was nothing short of stunning!  Our bride & groom (and everyone who managed to get their hands on it!) beyond loved it.  Alan was elated, but knew his passion lied in filmmaking and video production, and not necessarily in the not-always-glamourous side that goes into managing and running a successful business.  It was at that point that we offered Alan a position as an employee of Pure7, and just like that, the birth of a beautiful new work relationship and personal friendship was formed.  As Alan filmed more weddings over the summer we quickly realized that as much as we LOVE working with him and would love to hog him all to ourselves, it’d be most beneficial to both him and his clients to also offer his services outside of weddings in which we are the photographers.  It was for this reason that Pure7 Films, a subsidiary of Pure7 Studios, came to be.  We are pleased to now offer Alan’s services to weddings involving other photography studios and wedding industry professionals!  Because Pure7 Films is its own entity, a separate website has been launched to provide information on Alan’s wedding and commercial videography services.  Alan has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside other photographers, and we’re so grateful to continue to receive their referrals – truly the highest compliment!  We’ve intentionally chosen not to offer photography services to Pure7 Films clients who are already booked with or interviewing other photographers.  We’re cool like that.  🙂

In addition to offering wedding videos, we’re excited to introduce our newest creation: The ‘Coalesce Session’ for engaged couples and families.  It’s a hybrid which fuses the two mediums of photography and video into one awesome experience.  In addition, Alan continues to film his innovative commercial films for local businesses – an invaluable marketing tool when used for a company’s website and social media outlets.

And that’s the story of how Pure7 Films came into existence.  We invite you to sit back, prop your feet up, and view the awesomeness that Mr. LeBlanc has been cranking out since joining the Pure7 team!  The first video highlights Lauren & Brett’s recent Gulf Place wedding; the second is our debut Coalesce Session with our sweet friends, the Lipke family.  Because we know you’ll be eager to see more, head on over to to see what else Alan’s been up to since he popped into our universe.

Oh!  One (or four) more thing(s): To contact us, please visit our website or email:  And don’t forget to follow Alan on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!