Have you ever heard the term or saying “the perfect storm?”  Well, this very blog post is just the opposite!  We tried to find an official saying or word describing the opposite of a perfect storm and it doesn’t seem to exist.  That must mean as rare as a perfect storm is, what I’m trying to describe is even more rare. Wish me luck.

By now you’re surely wondering what all the fuss is about so, with no further adieu . . .  It just so happens that March marks Alan, our film-maker’s, two year anniversary at Pure 7 Studios exclusively!

As if that isn’t enough . . . this year in Destin Magazine ‘s “Best In Destin 2015 Readers Choice Awards”  Pure7 was voted BEST WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER! (In case you didn’t know Alan is our wedding videographer.) Clearly Alan and his work speak for themselves.

We knew he was good, great even . . . but we never imagined these past two years would be this great and a ton of fun to boot. He’s truly become part of the family. Not only does he rock at creating one of a kind wedding videos by getting all the right footage which he edits to perfection in our Destin studio – Alan also specializes in Commercial Video, Real Estate Videos, and Aerial Videos and these are just as impressive as his wedding videos.

This post got a bit mushy (sorry not sorry) but it’s only fitting we celebrate Alan and his accomplishments by sharing a beautiful Aerial Real Estate Video he filmed showcasing a bird’s eye view of the Casa Blue vacation rental home at 83 Cobia St. Destin, FL. This commercial film was used by our client to enhance the online listing of their beach rental home, showing its proximity to the beautiful Destin beach.

To see more of Alan’s videos or to book the best wedding videographer in Destin please contact us – we look forward to speaking with you!