When you fall in love, you learn to love someone more than you love yourself. When you become a parent, you learn to love others more than you love yourself. For some reason those words have stayed with me since first hearing them. When seeing Baby Grey’s newborn portraits these words instantly came to mind.

This collection of newborn photos evolves and tells a story. Moving through color and black and white photos while also starting farther back and moving in close. Only the essentials were kept in frame really capturing more of Grey and his mother. There’s such a stillness and reverence about Grey in his mother’s arms. He’s so new to the world yet so loved and protected.

The first few photos are in color and such an innocence is present. The innocence stayed throughout the newborn session and the use of light in the black and white photos invites a very raw, exposed tone. You can see the black and white newborn portraits were taken up close. Here, what you don’t see is as important as what you do see. The closeness allows for a vulnerability only a beautiful new life would share so freely.

Following the black and white photos we’re given a stunning bright and lively close up. The blue of his eyes draws you in. Last and anything but least, we see a photo of Grey by himself looking in the camera.

We’ll leave you to your own devices to view the final photo of this newborn session and let you end this story wherever it takes you. Welcome to the world Grey! Thank you for letting us in to preserve some of your first moments.

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