Sometimes a chance meeting is all it takes to change your life. At least, that’s how it worked out for Hannah and Sam. Seven years ago, the two met at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Both had decided to go on a whim, so it was lucky (or destiny, perhaps?) that their paths crossed. They hit it off immediately, and after a successful first date and a fancy dinner, their forever story began.

Fast forward through a whirlwind of dates, laughter, shared smiles, travels, and dog snuggles, and the time came for Sam to pop the question. Romantic doesn’t even begin to describe their engagement. Picture this: a ski trip in Utah, horse-drawn sleigh, crisp mountain air, immaculate white snow, winter wonderland proposal…it was nothing short of magical.

After loading up their blankets on the sleigh, they moved slowly up the snowy side of the mountain. Half way up, the coachmen stopped to feed the horse and mentioned it was a beautiful spot for a photo. Thinking it all very suspicious, Hannah removed the ring she always wore on her ring finger and stashed it in her pocket. You know, just in case.

Though she had her suspicions, when Sam dropped to one knee, Hannah was still so surprised and incredibly excited. Ring on her finger, they hopped back into the sleigh and made their way back. The sleigh ride was over, but their journey together was just beginning.

Of course, now it was time for Hannah and Sam to choose the perfect location for their special day.

Since she was a little girl, Hannah enjoyed vacations on 30A with her family, and she started brining Sam and his family over the last seven years. So, naturally, it was the perfect choice.

With the quaint beauty of Seaside and the unmatched, white sandy beaches, they couldn’t imagine celebrating their day anywhere else. They wanted to make sure everyone felt relaxed and could truly enjoy all the festivities. Of the location, Hannah said, “It made the whole weekend a great experience, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

From the intimate smiles shared to the emotional sharing of vows to the spectacular bar with a wide variety of drinks, it was truly a day to remember.

So what’s next for this beautiful couple? They have moved back to the US – oh, did we mention these world travelers were living in the UK? Yeah, they’re pretty cool! They are also currently preparing for the arrival of their first child in the fall. We couldn’t be more thrilled for these two lovebirds and wish them all the best on their future adventures!

Venue – Seaside Chapel
Coordinator – It’s a Shore Thing
Florist – Florals by the Sea
Caterer – Townsend Catering
Cake Designer – Confections on the Coast
Reception – AzZ-IzZ
Make up Artist – Blush Beauty Salon
Hair Stylist – Doria Hair
Dress Designer – Amsale from Haute Bride
Bridesmaid Dress – J. Crew

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