You’ve ordered your family portraits, but how do you take care of them once they arrive? With thoughtful wall art products like canvases and custom frames or boutique heirloom albums and photos printed on the finest portrait papers available, you can be sure your prints will be cherished for years to come.  But what about those unframed prints you aren’t sure what you want to do with yet? How do you keep them at their best? 

Consider an album to keep prints in the best condition – With unframed prints that are not in albums, it’s important to handle prints as little as possible.  With a boutique heirloom album, you can rest assured that you can flip through your prints as much as you’d like.  We have several options to choose from and are happy to work with you to find the perfect addition to your family treasures.

Keep prints out of direct sunlight – As you choose how and where to display your family portrait prints, be mindful of keeping them out of direct sunlight.  As with any piece of artwork, printed photographs can be sensitive to UV rays and temperature increases from direct sunlight. 

watersound family portraits on the beach

Avoid putting photographs in places where temperatures can be extreme–  Temperature and humidity extremes can negatively affect the quality of your prints.  Not sure what to do with your prints yet? Don’t tuck them away in an attack or garage.   Keep them properly stored in a temperature controlled space until you know how you’ll display them long term!  For some photo display ideas, you can check out our recent post here!

Keep your canvas portraits clean– If you’ve opted for canvas prints, you can keep them at their best by hanging in a location where they won’t be bumped and touched.  As needed, you can dust them off with a soft dry cloth. Be sure to never use cleaning products as they may damage your canvases. 

Pure7’s Photo Restoration – So you know how to care for your new prints but what can you do for those that have weathered over the years?  Consider our restoration services! We can bring your old prints back to life. Reach out today for a quote for all of your restoration needs!

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