I know we’re always saying we love what we do. (It’s the truth!!) When we get the chance to do a newborn session it gets a little truer. Being able to take the first family portrait with that new little one is like getting an extra cherry on top!  We were lucky enough to meet baby Alexandra and her loving parents for two separate Newborn Lifestyle Sessions to take Alexandra’s newborn portrait along with some beautiful family portraits.

Ryan went to their home in Destin to do the newborn sessions where he found Alexandra’s room fit for a princess. Every little detail complimenting the room’s overall regal look. It’s clear these parents want the best for their baby girl and love her more than anything. Not just because they gave her a beautiful room to grown up in, but because the love they have for each other is undeniable. Alexandra’s entire world is filled with beauty and love. Ryan was lucky enough to spend time with this family on two different occasions and captured Alexandra as her personality is starting to shine through.

We love watching new families like Alexandra’s build and grow especially during that first year where so much learning and growing takes place. It’s the main reason we decided to offer our Milestones Collection (three session in a year) in addition to our Maternity and Newborn Sessions. We hope you enjoy their family portraits (and swoon over this baby room) as much as we have.

This session was photographed using a combination of film & digital cameras, including the Canon Mark II and Contax 645 (using Kodak Portra 400 film). Film processed by theFINDlab.

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