Meet Tucker. Although he was not the focus of this adorable newborn shoot one morning a few weeks ago, his presence made it clear that Lula had quickly become his pride and joy. No matter that our own Lindsey Bray is dubbed “The Baby Whisperer” because of her effortless way with the littles, as well as their brand new moms and dads; Tucker stuck around throughout the morning just to make sure all was well.


We truly adore love stories, and when we get to follow a couple from a gorgeous Santa Rosa Beach wedding to the coziness of a sweet, quiet nursery a few years later, we consider it a privilege to continue the tradition of preserving their priceless family memories. So while we were busy prepping cameras and polishing lenses, Brandy and Greg were changing diapers and choosing outfits, all in preparation for our first newborn shoot of the year (and their first newborn shoot ever!). And, as with any event involving babies, anything can happen.

Fortunately, nothing dramatic happened. Actually, nothing at all happened, unless you count a relaxed session that went so smoothly that Brandy left Lindsey and Lula to do their thing, and wandered out to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee. Slowly. By herself. If you’re a new momma, you know how ah-MAZing that is. It certainly is not “nothing.” As you can see from the photos at the end of this post, Lindsey and Lula did just fine.

To be invited into sacred space to document some of the most intimate moments between a mother and her child is an honor, so we plan carefully to make sure the experience is enjoyable and best reflects the unique personality of that family. Here are some key elements of our newborn shoots:

– We visit the home ahead of time. This gives us an opportunity to make sure we have the best natural lighting and plan for specific locations in the home. This is also a good time to look through family albums to see if there are any sentimental or historical poses the family would like to recreate.

– We take our time. Typically, three hours allows plenty of margin for feedings and crying and outfit changes without anyone feeling pressured or rushed. We’re flexible, which is especially helpful for first-time parents.

– We go for candid over styled. Our goal is to do a lifestyle shoot, capturing natural, intimate moments that are special to this season. Highly-posed shoots aren’t really our thing. Favorite blankets and soft jammies allow the baby to be completely comfortable. Sleepy is usually best, but as long as the baby is content, the shoot will be successful whether they are asleep or awake.

– We incorporate the whole family. Having a new baby brings out a special tenderness in dads that is reserved only for that child. We make sure that individual shots capture the precious moments between each parent and their baby, as well as everyone together. And we are animal lovers, so households whose pets are part of the family photo shoots are fun for us.

What made this morning even more significant? Brandy is one of Lindsey’s best friends. When our favorite thing to do combines with some of our favorite people, it makes for a pretty great day. We’d love to talk with you about booking milestone sessions for your family, so get the tinies in your house down for a nap and let’s chat!


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