Here at Pure7 Studios, we love photographing a mother to be and her baby. This maternity session was no exception!  Danielle’s maternity portraits were taken just a week before she welcomed our family’s newest addition: Everly Lynn!

Danielle is Ryan’s niece. Because Ryan was the youngest of 5 and Danielle’s mom, Ryan’s sister Cherie, are the furthest apart in age, Danielle and Ryan are close in age- about five years apart!

Danielle married Ryan’s close friend, Chad, back in 2010 after meeting at a Christmas Eve party at our house. Ryan photographed their surprise proposal & engagement, wedding, as well as the maternity and newborn portraits of both of their kids (our great nephews!), Zeke (6) and Eli (4), and their annual family portraits. They are even featured in the video on our website.

The 5 acre homestead that we are building is actually connected to 10 acres that they are building a homestead on as well, so we will all be neighbors within the next year!


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