High school sweethearts still going strong! Alex and Phillip met through mutual friends in high school in the quest to find a date to senior prom. They went to the movies for their first official date, and both were a little jittery with typical first-date nerves. Phillip even accidentally threw his movie ticket away before they got into the theater! That day was the first of many spent laughing together and enjoying the funny moments that each day has to offer.

Alex and Phillip’s many years of spending time together, laughing at and with each other, and growing as a couple only deepened their connection and heightened their love for one another. They knew they wanted to spend their lives together.

Knowing that Alex always wanted a private engagement, Phillip planned the perfect backyard proposal. On their way from their favorite burger spot to get ice cream, Phillip told Alex they needed to stop at the house so he could use the restroom. Alex, serious about her ice cream, said she would wait in the car, but Phillip insisted she go in the house with him so she could let the dog out. Of course, this was just a ruse! Phillip led Alex to the backyard where the trees were lit up, sparkling in the night. Thinking nothing of it, Alex commented on how she really liked the new set up. It wasn’t until Phillip led her to the center of the trees to a table with an envelope and small box on top that she began to realize what was going on. Immediately, she started crying, and though she can’t remember everything he said, she couldn’t have imagined a better moment.

This backyard proposal led to a stunning wedding in Seaside, Florida. The couple found this beautiful paradise location while looking through a wedding magazine. Having never been to Seaside before, they took a virtual tour of the town, fell in love, booked a trip to visit, and immediately decided it was the place when they walked into the Seaside Chapel.

Their actual wedding day was low-key and causal, as only a beach wedding can be, and exactly what the happy couple pictured. A unique and special part of the day was the cross on the bride’s bracelet…it was worn by all the women in Alex’s family on their wedding day starting with her great-grandmother. The day was also filled with moments reminiscent of a fairytale, specifically when the bride and groom exited the chapel and were surrounded by smiling friends and family tossing petals at the newlyweds. The joy they felt at that moment and the excitement on everyone’s face was a moment they will never forget.

Wishing all the happiness to Alex and Phillip as they continue their great adventure together!

Venue – Seaside Chapel
Coordinator – Defining Moments by Heather
Videographer – Josh Kidd
Florist-  Events by Nouveau
Hair and Makeup – Rollands
Caterer – Fish out of the Water
Cake – Confections by the Coast
Band/DJ – GT Entertainment