If Mary Poppins had ever chosen to take a beach vacation it most certainly would’ve been to Rosemary Beach, Florida. It’s practically perfect in every way. That’s why it was the perfect place for Colton and Mary’s engagement photos. While getting engagement photos is probably a given, we want to share how to get romantic engagement photos like theirs.

  1. Choose a Professional. Unless you’re a model, it’s not everyday you get to be the subject of a photoshoot. So being photographed by a professional is a special thing. Special just like your engagement and the love that got you there. If you treat it like it’s special than the experience will be special and the photos will turn out so much better because everybody involved had a little more invested in it.
  2. Location. Location. Location. Whether it’s walking on the beach or somewhere in a city, pick a spot that is special and representative of you as a couple. It personalizes the entire experience and invites you to be yourselves. Recently, we traveled to meet a couple in NYC for their engagement photos because that’s where they met and fell in love. While they don’t live there anymore, New York is part of their story.  We saw a completely different side of their love in the city which is another testament to why location can make a difference. Pick a place that’s not just picture perfect but one that’s part of your love.
  3. Be yourself. It’s cliche but true that “everyone else is taken.” We bring this up because it’s really easy to get caught up in what other people have done before you. Everyone wants to give you advice. Sure, it’s all probably great advice but we’ve learned over the years that advice usually comes from experience. Don’t let what other people wanted for themselves dictate who you are or what you want. Be yourself and everything else will romantically fall into place.
  4. Coordinate Don’t Compromise.  Nothing is worse than having a big moment ruined by being told to wear something you hate. As you prepare for your engagement photos, pick outfits that look good together but still express who you are. Remember, you fell in love with your fiance for a reason. If it wasn’t for their fashion sense then help them out but don’t pull them so far from who they are they get uncomfortable. You can’t afford to compromise anyone being uncomfortable with how they’ll look on camera.
  5. Have Fun. There is a lot of stress that comes with planning a wedding and we’re determined to make sure getting engagement photos isn’t one of them. As you can see in Mary and Colton’s engagement photos, they look like they’re having fun because they are. They were able to do the first four things on this list which gave them the freedom and permission to experience this last one.

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