Meet Jozi…Illinois native, current California resident, and 2018 graduate. This year, I had the awesome opportunity to do a senior photo session with this music-loving and artsy chick in Cali.

Jozi has always been fascinated with poetry and writing, and over the years she has acted in a handful of plays and participated in music bands and performances. Stepping into the arts – writing, music, painting, drawing, and acting – is something that has always meant a lot to her, but she was always insecure to share it. She recalls being surprised to hear other’s positive responses as she put herself out there more and more. It is wonderful to see such a vibrant young woman gaining the confidence to share her talents and passions!

Although Jozi has been homeschooled her whole life, she did not miss out on the high school experience. Her friends would take her to their high school dances, and she became known as the cool homeschooler who went crazy on the dance floor. What a fun thing to be high school famous for, am I right?

Like all seniors, when Jozi looks at where she is and who she has become, there are a number of people that have been beside her the entire way. She credits her mom to being her rock and supporter throughout the years, and for being the woman who inspires her every day to push herself and to grow.

And, of course, where would she be without one of her closest friends? Jozi and Gracie met at a church youth group in Illinois, and their friendship has lasted through so much. Every year, Jozi returns to Illinois for an inner-city mission trip, where the two adventurers make tons of crazy memories together. Jozi remembers her and Gracie running around the church after a busy day, dancing and singing their hearts out, early morning talks, and even pulling an all-nighter (even though they had a lot of work to do the next day)!

So, what is next for this edgy girl with a taste for adventure? She wants to become a worship leader and musician! Jozi plans to go to the local community college to get a degree in musical vocals, and afterward head to Australia for further teaching in music performance and ministry.

Keep working towards your dreams Jozi, can’t wait to see what the world holds for you!