Relaxing on vacation may be the main goal, but what about all the planning and packing to get to that point?  Rest assured- whether you’re planning a staycation or vacation in Destin and 30A, there are a few simple things you can consider to make the most of it (and get to the relaxing part)!

Crafting Family Experiences We all know, experience is everything!  With so much to do and see along the Emerald Coast, it can be easy to want to plan to do it all so you don’t miss out.  The best vacations though? Those are the ones where quality over quantity applies! Pick a few “musts” for your family and save the rest for your next trip!  We shared some of our favorite kid-friendly, family activities here if you’re looking for options! 

Emerald Coast Weather Weather can change drastically in short periods of time.  June, July, and August are typically the hottest months, with July and August known for the heaviest rainfall.  Worried about the rain? The sun is probably not long behind! Thankfully, rainfall is usually in short bursts during the summer and blue skies will follow!  October is known for low humidity, and into the winter months, temperatures average in the mid-60s. It starts warming up again in April and May and before you know it, summer is back!  Any time is a good time for your Destin and 30A trips!

Useful Beach Bag Essentials – When a beach trip is in the works, it’s helpful to think ahead and bring some of these useful items along to make your trip as seamless as possible.  In addition to your normal beach essentials, there are helpful items you can easily add to your bag! A simple screw-in anchor for the umbrella can make a world of difference (and they are easy to find in local shops).  Baby powder also makes it easy to get the sand off hands and feet before you get back into the car!

rosemary beach outdoor family portraits

Capturing the Memories – Whether you take photos on your phone or hire a photographer to do it for you, be sure to capture those memories to enjoy for years to come!  You may not have the entire family together on a beautiful white sand beach too often. A beach family portrait experience with Pure7 ensures you will make the most of your photos and have heirlooms to treasure long after your vacation is over!  To get some great family vacation photos, check out our recent post with a few of our tips here!


What else would you recommend to make the most of your Destin and 30A trips?  Leave a comment – we’d love to hear it!