When we’re better people, we’re better artists who help our clients tell better stories.

Happy January! While we kicked off our 2016 blogging season with some gorgeous wedding features, we’re excited to incorporate more personal content this year. Everyone is setting goals and making resolutions, so we jumped on the bandwagon this week, but with a bit of a twist. During our recent Pure7 team meeting, we went beyond the typical topics of reviewing upcoming shoots, scouting fresh locations, and brainstorming new marketing ideas. Instead, we talked about what we like and how we’re going to have more fun this year.

We like to laugh. There may or may not be video footage of a spontaneous one-minute dance party from a couple weeks ago that we might post later probably won’t ever see the light of day. But trust us: we’ve got moves, y’all.

We like to eat. Especially the chocolate we buy to have on hand for clients, to the point that now we don’t buy chocolate to have on hand for clients. That could be our new studio manager’s fault, but we’re not pointing fingers. We don’t need to, because her chocolate breath is a dead giveaway.

We like to shoot. After all these years and thousands of sessions, it’s still our favorite thing. A breathtaking Alys Beach bride or stunning Seaside wedding is enough to make us all drop what we’re doing and ooh and ahh over the sneak peeks.

We like to hang out together. For real. Our #pure7fam hashtag is because we actually don’t get on each other’s nerves. Unless one of us accidentally lets the dog in the gear room, and then that person (and the rest of us) will hear about it. Loudly.

This year, our goal is to do more of what we like. We want to make sure we remember to create space to breathe and just be people.

One of the best ways to stay on track with goals is to post them for accountability. So, without further ado, we are going to:

• Have more dance parties, and for longer than one minute. Partly because our moves need some work but mostly because life’s too short to sit in a chair all day.

• Enjoy really good chocolate (just not all of it in less than a week). If you have any you’d like to send us to try, don’t contact our studio manager or the rest of us won’t get any.

• Take an Xbox break or host a movie night on the huge background we use for client preview appointments. Hang out in the studio without talking about work? Yes, we will!

• Grab a camera and that cool new lens, and head out to shoot something new and different just for the fun of it.

Do you have a fun goal? We’d love to hear it (and we just might join you)!

Much love,

The Pure7 Fam
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