It is with excitement beyond belief that we present the maternity portraits of our very own Lindsey of the #pure7fam!  We’ve also included some of her handsome fiance, Josiah.  (Gotta give the daddies love, too!)  But back to the wonderful “Miss Lins”…

As lead associate photographer and portrait sales manager, Lindsey has been an integral part of the Pure7 team for the past 7 years, literally becoming part of our family.  Heck, she’s even helped raise our family and has even been the nanny to our kids while we were away!  Coming to work everyday, she’s been a staple in our business and family since our kids were babies.  Our daughter idolizes her like a cool, hip, older sister and our sons treat her like a big sister, too.  The kind that gives you loving discipline when needed and that you secretly love and adore (but would never admit to it)!

Ryan works side-by-side with Lindsey daily (and 1/2 the Saturdays of the year), and truly loves her like a sister.  They argue like siblings, and some people even mistake them for husband & wife (which Erica finds hilarious; hope Josiah does, too).  Ryan always jokes that he thought he’d never see the day he would be shooting Lindsey’s maternity portraits.  It was surreal for him but as you’ll see in the below images, very inspiring (and emotional as well).

We are over the moon to watch Josiah & Lindsey enter into her their own beautiful journey of parenthood.  There are not a sufficient number of books nor words of advice to prepare one for this season, except to say that it is glorious chaos!  Anyone who knows Lindsey personally would agree that she is going to be a wonderful mama-bird.  If the generosity, patience, kindness, love, and friendship she shows her clients, friends, and family are any indication – we see a multitude of “#1 Mom” memorabilia in her near future!  We’ll spare you the remainder of the list of amazing qualities that we admire in this woman, as to be quite honest – we’re not able to put into words all that she means to us both personally, and professionally.

Without further adieu, please enjoy one of the most special portrait sessions we’ve photographed to date!

xo, Erica