It is clear throughout our country and around the world that the black community needs our support and actions to drive lasting social change in racial equality and justice.  While the current narrative in our media (social and mainstream) is often divisive, we must come together in support of one another.   It is our duty as humans to be responsible citizens and provide that support to one another, regardless of where you stand politically or socioeconomically.  

This week, we decided to share some resources we have read, listened to, and continue to learn from, and our intention is to share these resources out of integrity.  

This is not a perfect, complete list and our hope is that it serves as a helpful starting point to make lasting changes and enhance our empathy, understanding, and compassion for our black brothers and sisters while encouraging positive action in our community.  It isn’t enough to only talk about what we should or can do – our thoughts and words must be backed by our actions.  It starts with educating ourselves, continuing to have uncomfortable conversations, and ensuring our intentions are reflected in the actions of our daily lives.

Some of these resources and thought leaders were shared with us from friends and family, and others from the Rising Tide Society.  If you have another resource to add to the list, please share it in the comments below.

Implicit Bias Tests from Harvard University 

What White People can do for Racial Justice

Red Table Talk:

Unpacking White Privilege and Prejudice

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown:

Brené with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist

Resources gathered and shared by the Rising Tide Society:

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