This year, the Brain Injury Association of America’s annual campaign to raise awareness for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) and the recovery and support process is themed “More than my Brain Injury.” March is their official TBI Awareness month and we’d like to continue to raise awareness and share Ryan’s experience as well as some things we’ve learned.  

It’s been just over one year since Ryan was involved in a horrific accident when a tree he was excavating snapped, sending a large portion of a tree trunk directly into his eye socket and brain.  It entered through his upper eyelid in an upward direction which fractured his eye socket and caused significant damage to surrounding tissue, including his brain.

Ryan was transferred by air to UAB University Hospital in Birmingham and was rushed into surgery where they performed brain and eye surgeries.  In the weeks and months following, he’s been in treatment and recovery for a TBI. Every 9 seconds someone in the United States sustains a brain injury and 1 in every 60 people lives with a TBI-related disability.  

You can read more about the accident and Ryan’s early recovery efforts by clicking here.


Read his most recent update and reflections by clicking here.

Over the last year, most of Ryan’s recovery focus has been directed towards speaking in full sentences, figuring out the right words to say, sentence structure, initiating conversation, and properly categorizing groups of words.

To say he has come a long way in the last year is an understatement.  Ryan is now able to be back behind the camera while continuing to navigate the recovery process and his experiences living with a TBI.

We are looking forward to sharing additional updates in the coming weeks on how this has impacted our family and business, and where we are now.


If you have any inspiring TBI recovery stories, please share them with us in the comments below!