When the whole crew headed out to cover Spencer and Victoria’s Seaside wedding a few weeks ago, we knew, based on their engagement session we shot last fall, that this day would be bright and colorful. It did not disappoint! From the fabulous Valentino’s Victoria scooped up from eBay at $500 below retail (true story!) to the pink flamingos that became an unplanned theme, the details of the day perfectly showcased this couple’s funky personality.


Our tag team of Ryan & Lindsey were everywhere with film and digital cameras, while Alan was the usual fly-on-the-wall for the day, shooting video in his trademark style. The highlight reel is at the end of this post; if you want to see the groom cry, skip to the 01:06 minute mark.

“We just thought Pure7 was the best decision we made.”

Victoria said she knew from the second she saw our website that our style was what she wanted. There were no posed photos with strained smiles. She said everyone looked fun, like real people. And then we sent her the sneak peek.

“I am not an emotional person,” she laughed. “So I was surprised when Spencer and I both had instant tears at the very first photo. And the highlight reel? I lost it! It’s the best thing we’ve ever seen. We called our friends and actually had a viewing party for it!”

The unique details of this wedding definitely made the day. Though her mom wasn’t thrilled with the pink flamingos and recruited a small army to attempt to dissuade her, Victoria’s fun, silly idea for a decor item took on a life of its own. The pink tchotchkes not only adorned the Lyceum Lawn at their Seaside reception, but also made their way onto the top of the cake. The quirkiness continued with Victoria’s favorite stuffed emoji making an appearance in a couple of photos.

Not surprisingly, our bride was not a fan of traditional bouquets. She can’t stand red roses and preferred a single flower. When her florist suggested a giant Protea, it was love at first sight.

From their Seaside Chapel engagement last year on April 2nd to their Seaside wedding this year on the same date, Victoria & Spencer created a memorable experience that was anything but ordinary.

Call us, or drop us a note, and let’s chat about your wedding photos and wedding video. According to Victoria, it will be the best decision you make!

Ceremony Venue: Seaside Chapel

Reception Venue: Lyceum Lawn, Seaside

Hair: Michelle Hogan, Rolland’s

Makeup: Kaitlyn Brown, Rolland’s

Cake Artist: Tina, Sweet Henrietta’s Treats

Catering: Bud & Alley’s

Florals: Florals by the Sea

Rentals: The Big Day Rentals

Photo  & Video: Pure7 Studios

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