Graduating from high school is an important milestone in life. It’s a major accomplishment, and it’s one that sends you on the course to figure out who you are going to be. It’s the end of a chapter and the gateway to adulthood. Regardless of the path you choose to follow after graduation, it’s important to stop and enjoy this time.

Senior photo sessions are some of the most fun for us to shoot. Whether they’re pursuing college or jumping straight into the workforce, these young adults are full of excitement for the year to come and for the life that awaits them. But when is the most ideal time to have a senior photo session?

You should start thinking about your senior photo session during your junior year. Even though it may seem far off, your senior year will fly by. We recommend having your senior photos taken anytime between the spring of your junior year and fall of your senior year.

If you’re planning to take a family vacation over spring break or during the summer, schedule a photo session during the trip! You’ll have beautiful scenery as your backdrop, plus you’ll be feeling more relaxed and at ease.

Spring of your junior year might seem early, but having one more thing to check off your list can be a big sigh of relief when your senior year actually rolls around. If you book your session well in advance, you’ll likely have a larger selection of dates on your personal calendar. You also won’t be as anxious about getting in at the soonest possible date, since you’ll have some time to spare.


The summer between your junior and senior year is a great choice, too. Since you’ll be out of school, you’ll have more available time to schedule and plan for your senior photos. Beyond that, summertime is a beautiful season to take outdoor photos. Sunshine-filled days and flowers in bloom make for vibrant photos.

Fitting photos into the fall of your senior year can be a little bit hectic, but not impossible. Fall is full of rich colors and cooler weather. Once you start back to school for your senior year, reality starts to settle in. You’ll be experiencing some of your “lasts” of high school. This could be the perfect time to capture the “you” that you are at the end of your high school career. If you do choose to wait until fall, though, be mindful of your deadlines for the school yearbook. You’ll need to allow plenty of time to have your portraits taken and edited.

Whether you were the star football player, the A+ student, the avid musician, or the next aspiring artist, Pure7 would love to help you capture this big step in your journey. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.