I love photographing kids and capturing their different personalities. They have such innocence and energy, and each one is unique. I want their individuality to shine through in the photos that I take. One of the worst things a parent can do at a photo session is to coach your child to “smile and say cheese!” It removes their natural character. It is my job and my passion to bring out their personalities, but that takes some homework before the photo session even begins.

Before every photo session, Pure7 has a design consultation with each client. When we meet with parents either in person or over the phone, we try to learn all that we can about their family and their kids. I like to find out what each kid is interested in, what makes them excited, whether they are introverted or extroverted… then, when I get to meet the whole family, I know what to expect. It’s so important to build trust with kids before even starting to photograph them.


Since I’m a big kid myself, we run around and play and laugh together. I tell each child that they don’t even have to smile in the photos if they don’t want to. Coaching your child to smile can really take away from the moment. Forced and fake smiles don’t create the beautiful, lasting images that you’ll want to display in your home.

We don’t believe that a photo session should ever be stressful or unnatural. That idea is foundational to the way that we approach each and every client that we get the opportunity to work with. I honestly don’t want to take the “perfect” photo where everyone is posed and stiff.

My goal as a photographer is that when families display my photos on their walls, they can look at them and be taken back to their family vacation at the beach, or their wedding day, or the summer before their senior year. When they look at a photo, I want them to remember exactly what was said at that moment or how they felt.

At Pure7, we believe that the most precious photographs are the ones that capture a memory. These are the ones that you look back on with laughter, the ones that make you say, “remember that time when…” That’s why we ask that you please don’t ask your child to smile at your photo session. When they are comfortable, their personality will shine through on its own.

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