As we settle into a new year, it’s the perfect season to capture updated family portraits.  There are so many options to choose from along the Emerald Coast – so how do you decide on the ideal location for your portraits?  At Pure7, we have designed photoshoots at dozens of locations over the years and will gladly partner with you to find the perfect fit for your family!

Our favorite locations are vibrant and multifaceted, with endless options for distraction-free backgrounds that set the scene for your portrait experience.  Here are some site selection details to keep in mind when you are choosing the scene for your next family portraits:

Background Nature or Buildings

Regardless of what site you choose, the elements in the background will play a role in how your portraits turn out.  Opt for locations that are aesthetically pleasing, well-kept, and have plenty of space to give you options throughout your photoshoot.  Background colors come into play as well – with Ryan’s editing process there are minimal edits to the colors in images, so you’ll have portraits that reflect the scenery you actually experience the day of your shoot.

Of course, if you want a more timeless black and white photo (with the signature Pure7 tint), Ryan can achieve that as well!  You can explore more of Ryan’s editing process we shared in a previous post, here.


While lighting can be manipulated if needed, we strive to leverage nature’s beauty in our outdoor portrait settings.  It’s important to have plenty of light during your session.  Direct sunlight can be uncomfortable to the point of making you squint, so the time of day does make a difference.  Shortly before sunset offers that golden lighting you can see in the image below.  If fear of a cloudy day has you hesitant to schedule, not to worry- overcast days can still offer plenty of soft, natural lighting.  We will gladly work with you to find the best location and time of day for plenty of natural light (and your family’s schedule!).

The Emerald Coast has many options for catching the radiant light at the right time.  From Inlet Beach to Destin and everywhere in between there are plenty of accessible, family-friendly locations to choose from for your portrait session.

Overall Comfort

Whether you choose a beach, a park, a quaint town, or opt for an in-studio experience, your family’s comfort is a priority.  Consider locations that you already enjoy!  Every location you can imagine can offer something unique for your portraits, even more so if you are comfortable there.  If you have no idea where you’d like to take your family portraits, we are always here to help.  We constantly look for new, fresh locations that will make your photo sessions memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Regardless of the location you choose, with Pure7 you won’t find stuffy, canned poses.  We believe in capturing the genuine, unique interactions of your family.

Whether you already have a site in mind or you’d like to explore some of our local favorites, we’d love to help design your photoshoot! Schedule your session today.