Whether you’re looking for a place for your next family gathering or a more special event like a wedding, selecting a venue is one of the first challenges at the beginning of your event planning process. Your experience during your special day often begins and ends at the venue, so finding the perfect option for you is vital!

While you can find a number of venues and reviews through a quick online search, we thought we’d add a few tips for finding your perfect Emerald Coast venue!

Research the ease of travel to and from your venue. The time of year, weather, and whether or not it’s peak season can play a huge role in venue availability and pricing.  Also, if you have special plans for different locations, it’s important to factor in travel time to and from, as well as overall convenience to the places you want to explore!  From Destin to 30A and beyond, there are dozens of venue options that are not far from one another.

Know the size requirements for your event and don’t waste time looking at anything that doesn’t meet or exceed those sizes. How many guests will you have?  How many tables do you need? Do you want a dance floor?  Narrow down the options by referencing reviews from people who’ve worked with the venue themselves for similar gatherings.  You can check out a few of our favorite 30A wedding venues here!

Be sure you receive the highest quality of service you expect from the very beginning! If you are not confident of the service levels before you make the decision, visit the site in person so you can experience their service firsthand.

Be realistic with your expectations of pricing with the venue.  It’s perfectly acceptable to negotiate your “must-haves” within your budget, but be sure to keep your list reasonable based on the size of your event.  If a venue is far below or far above your price range, reconsider your options to ensure you find the right fit!  We shared a few more venue options along the Emerald Coast here!

Take a look at all of the amenities a venue has to offer.  They will range in size and quality and it’s best to find a venue with amenities your group will enjoy.  From restaurants to golf courses, to pools and spas, amenities may not be your highest priority in a venue but they can still be a wonderful part of your event experience and something your family and friends rave about!

Finding the perfect venue for your next gathering will be much more enjoyable if you keep these simple tips in mind.  We’d love to know – do you have a favorite Emerald Coast venue? Comment below and let us know or share another tip you recommend!