At Pure7, our favorite photos are the ones that can take you back to a specific moment in time. We strongly believe in capturing memories in their natural form and strive to take photos that you look back on and remember the very instant they were taken.  From the consultation and session itself to the final delivery of images and products you’ve selected, every part of our process focuses on creating an incredible experience for you. 

After you’ve scheduled your session, finalized the location, and worked with us through the finer details of your photo shoot, we’ll have a design consultation.  Our design consultation is a conversation where we can get to know you a little better. When we meet with you either in person or over the phone, we try to learn all that we can about you. We love to know what makes you excited, whether you are introverted or extroverted, and what your vision is for your session… then, when the day comes, we all know what to expect!

Regardless of the purpose of your photo session, with Pure7 you won’t find stuffy, canned poses.  We believe in capturing the genuine, unique personality of everyone in front of our lens. Relax and be yourself – Ryan will take care of the rest!

Following your session, after Ryan’s done culling and editing the images for you, you will see your images as the beautiful artwork they are intended to be. Most of the work is done when Ryan’s taking the photo, and his edits in the studio are very minimal. 

Not only does Ryan believe in doing most of the work through the lens, he also strongly believes in editing his own photos.  He does not outsource any of his images. Every photo – from clients’ album orders to fine wall art galleries – is edited right here in our home studio. In order to reserve time for the creative process, we do outsource a number of other areas of our business, but when it comes to taking the photos, editing, and designing albums and art, every piece is done by Ryan himself.  You can explore more of Ryan’s editing process we shared in a previous post, here.

It may come as a surprise just how relaxing and easy your photo session can and should be! The Emerald Coast is spoiled with amazing locations that are perfect for all kinds of sessions, so the hardest part may be picking the place! Whether that’s in studio, on one of the beautiful beaches along 30A, or at another location you have in mind, there are endless options to fit your style and preferences.

Following your session, you can choose whatever combination of prints and products that work best for you, and many of our options are fully customizable.  We offer only the finest quality of heirloom products and albums that we can guarantee for a lifetime.  Your ordering process will be smooth and your new prints, wall portraits, canvases, or albums will be treasured for years to come! 

One of the fundamental values of Pure7 is our belief in capturing the genuine, authentic, everyday moments that make life wonderful.

Every part of our process has been built around that concept.

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