How can you ensure that you don’t cringe every time a photo is snapped? How can you avoid looking stiff and uncomfortable? We love to capture your best self, preserve your most memorable moments and life experiences, and you can count on Ryan to help you shake some of those photo day jitters!  Rest assured, he will not make you say “cheese!”

The thought of a photo shoot can be exciting for some and intimidating for others.  If you fall into the latter group, there are some things you can do in preparation for your session that will help you to relax and enjoy the experience!

Here are just a few tips to overcome being a bit camera-shy:

Don’t plan to pose. Sometimes, a posed photo works – but capturing the most genuine family experiences does not require stiff poses or even looking directly at the camera! Be yourself and enjoy what you’re doing versus thinking about having your photo taken.

Love yourself as you are. What are you scared of most when taking pictures? Is it a double chin, awkward hands or quirky face? Take it from these two smiling beauties below – a hair out of place or a missing tooth (or a few!) are nothing to fret about! Refrain from thinking of your insecurities and instead think about something that makes you happy. No need to take it so seriously- if Ryan captures your blinking eyes or unflattering photos, he’ll cull them out and you won’t even have to see them!

Work the light. Natural light does wonders for your skin tone and appearance. Thankfully, that’s one thing you hardly have to think about as we coordinate your session!  With so many locations to choose from between Destin, 30A, and beyond, you’re sure to have some ideal lighting on the Emerald Coast.  Ryan knows exactly what to look for to properly illuminate your face and achieve that incredible shot you envision.

Do it now. Remember that in a few years, you will look back and think ‘how great I looked then!’ Be present. Enjoy the moment. Your future self will thank you!

When you’re ready to schedule your session, we will work through all of the details with you.  From location to what to wear and everything in between, we are committed to helping you create and capture an unforgettable experience that you can cherish for years to come.

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